Amazing August!

One morning, Chris picked up Daddy's briefcase, announced with a smile he was going "to work", and just walked out!
He laughed and giggled all the way to the car, and would surely have started the engine if he could have.
Mommy asked him where he works, and he replied "BJ's".

Visiting the new Delaware Children's Museum.


Bike Camp!

Ben participated in a fantastic program called
Lose the Training Wheels, which teaches people with disabilities how to ride a bicycle.

Ben's first day at Bike Camp. Note the modified rear wheel -- and of course, his buddy Sara Liz trying to keep up with him!

Ben called these rear wheels "steam rollers".

His other spotter was Alexandra.

After a few days with the steam-roller bikes, the participants got a ride on a specially-made tandem bike with Matt, the program director.

Finally, Ben moved up to a regular two-wheeler, but with a safety handle in the back.

Here's a video showing Ben's progress during the last two days. Although he had some starts and stops,
and even a few spills, he was pretty quick to gain confidence on the two-wheelers, with help from Sara Liz and Alexandra.
On the last day, he didn't even need a spotter any more.
(Click on the picture below to watch the video.)


Graduation Day


The Wiggles!

Everyone had fun at the Wiggles concert in New Jersey.

Chris and Mommy singing along, "Shh! Shh! Shh!"

Atlantic City Air Show

Beach + big planes = lots of fun!
Of course, the highlight of the show was the performance by the USAF Thunderbirds!

The whole family returned to Atlantic City a few days later for one last romp in the ocean.

The First Day of School

Ben is now in 3rd grade, Chris in 1st.


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