Bike Camp 2012

Just as Ben did in 2012, Chris learned to ride a bike this summer with help from the wonderful folks at Lose the Training Wheels!
A big thanks go out to all the volunteers and staff members at LTTW for enabling Chris to be so successful!

In the Lose the Training Wheels program, a student starts off on a modified bike in which the rear wheel has been replaced with a wide roller. This lets him/her practice the art of balancing. There are also volunteers running alongside to help. As the week goes on, the roller is swapped out for a more and more tapered roller. Finally, by the end of the week, the student is ready to ride a regular bike!

The students get to ride a specially-made tandem bike as a preview to riding solo.

Graduation Day!

Here's a video of Chris learning to ride.
(Click on the picture below to watch the video.)

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