Camp Ware

July - August 2010

Ben and Daddy returned to Camp Ware for four days, along with four other Scouts from Pack 64 and their parents
(and, of course, countless Scouts from other packs).


Cooling off in the summer heat, on a makeshift Slip-n-Slide.


Hunting for fossils.

Unfortunately, this big rock was not a fossil.

Ben did find a few shark teeth.

Practicing our knots by tying up one of the counselors!

Learning how to use tools.

Our campsite.

We recreated a Native American stick game in Crafts class...

...and practiced carrying stretchers in First Aid class.

We got to shoot BB guns!

We learned how pulleys can help you lift heavy objects.

Daddy peeked into the spare tent to find the source of all that giggling!

Ben with his friends Josh (left) and Christian.

Leading a captured enemy "prisoner" off to jail, in one of the evening games.

Working on a rope puzzle.

In this skit, a Native American scolded an evil land developer...

...bringing lots of laughs from the kids!

Singing songs in the dining hall.

We took one of the shark teeth Ben found,
and made a new neckerchief clasp to hold it.

Ben (foreground) about to start swim class.

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