Cub Scout Camp

August 6-9, 2008

Ben and Daddy returned to Camp Ware for another series of adventures!


One of Ben's favorite activities was just running through the forest
at the campsite!

Ben learned to shoot BB guns for the first time!


Learning about cooking with a campfire.

Making new "friends"...


We went on several nature walks, where Ben learned that lemon clover is edible
-- and delicious!

Walking over the "Wobbly Bridge" over the Octorara River.


In a First Aid class, Ben and another camper tried to help their "injured" friend Christian.

Another nature walk, another chance to pick lemon clover!

The boys ran a special race which included a wheelbarrow walk,

and a roll to the finish line.


Ben and Christian all dressed up for dinner.

In kickball, Ben scored three times, and even RBI'd his Daddy home!

Playing "Red Light, Green Light".

Silly Hat Night at the dining hall.

Late-night cookies back at the cabin.

Riding home after four fun-filled days!

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