Skiing in Colorado

January 29, 2014

I had a business trip to Denver for two days, so I extended the trip by a day to go skiing at Copper Mountain.

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View from the summit of Copper Mountain, 12,400 feet above sea level.
This is 2,700 vertical feet (about half a mile) higher than the valley floor.

Looking up from the base lodge at Rosi's Run, one of my favorites.
It was astonishing to me how few people there were!
(Good idea to come on a Wednesday.)

Later in the day, I followed this trail from the summit towards the back of the mountain...

...and discovered a whole other view!

(Below) The three dots near the top-center of this picture are people standing where I was standing, when I took the picture shown above.

(Above) Panoramic view from the back of the mountain.

(Below) This picture shows Copper Mountain from the side. The arrows I've added show the trail from
the summit to the back face. You can really see here how you're skiing above the tree line!

This run is called Rattler, and was another of my favorites. Wide open spaces, a little steep, and nothing there but you, the snow, and a gorgeous view!

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