Bruce and Ben Visit the Statue of Liberty
and the Battleship New Jersey

April and May, 2008

The Statue of Liberty

April 22 was Election Day in Pennsylvania, and many schools (including Ben's)
had the day off. So Bruce and Ben took a train into New York City, met up with
Bruce's Dad, and went to see the Statue of Liberty.

Ben and Granddad on the New York City subway.

The Battleship New Jersey

The battleship USS New Jersey played a vital role in America's defense, from World War II
to the Persian Gulf. It is now permanently docked in Camden, NJ for tourists to explore.
When Ben had another day off from school on May 13, Bruce and Ben went to see the great ship.

These 16-inch guns could fire a 1,900-lb shell 23 miles.
(Trying to help Ben get a sense of this, I told him that that's as far as Grandma's house! He said, "Were they shooting at Grandma's house?")

Ben on board the bridge of the New Jersey.


Ben drew this picture the next day, showing Ben, Daddy and (on the right) the battleship. The orange star is the propeller.
Marsha asked him why he always draws people with three legs. He said it's so that they can run faster.

For both the Statue of Liberty and the battleship, Ben was already asking to go back for another visit before we even got home!


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