Fun in the Fall

Fall 2008

Chris sings Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Click on the image to view the video.
(1½ minutes long, 8.7 Mbytes)

Ben and Daddy visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York City


Ben decided that he wanted to be Ming-Ming, from TV's The Wonder Pets, again this year.
So Ben was Ming-Ming the Duck, and Chris was Linny the Guinea Pig.
(Marsha made these costumes herself last year.)

Ming-Ming being chased around by Spider-Man at the Cub Scouts' Halloween party.

Enjoying some treats in the school classroom, after the Halloween Parade.

Other Fun Stuff

(Above) In October, our good friend Mary Smith from California
came to visit, along with her dog Tiffany.
They are on a wonderful, months-long trip around the United States!
(Track their latest travels at

Bruce's family came down from New York for Thanksgiving.

Chris and his bear, the Dryer Inspectors!

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