Mini-Reunion in New York

March 15-16, 2008

Bruce's grandmother and Aunt Merrie travelled up from Virginia to New York in March. So Bruce and Chris drove up to see them. While we were there, we all took a trip up to Schenectady (near Albany) to visit Aunt Donna (Bruce's grandmother's sister). With it all, little Chris travelled 600 miles in his car seat over three days -- what a trooper!

Grandmommy is an Associate at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY. But, living in Williamsburg, Virginia, she had never had an opportunity to visit the monastery itself. So on our way up to Albany, we stopped and took a tour. It's a beautiful place, and the photos below unfortunately don't show the scenic overlook over the Hudson River. When we arrived, Palm Sunday services had just ended, and the sweet smell of incense filled some of the rooms.

(Above) Chris, Bruce, Grandmommy, Aunt Merrie, and Dad. (A rare photo showing four generations of Romneys!)

(Below) With the Associate who graciously acted as a tour guide for us out-of-towners.

In Schenectady, we met up with Aunt Donna, who hadn't seen her sister (Grandmommy) in about seven years!
After chatting for a while at Donna's place, we all went out to lunch.

(Below) Chris found some creative ways to pass the time while waiting for lunch.

Chris was delighted to see that Aunt Donna (that would be Great-Great-Aunt Donna to him!) had blueberry yogurt, too!
They had some special bonding eating their yogurt together.

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