Let the Summer Begin!

June 2008

(Above) Bruce and Ben went to the annual McGuire Air Show, and had a lot of fun!
(Below) Fun in the pool.


(Above) The last practice of the season for Ben and Chris's soccer team, the Lions.

(Below) Getting ready for Independence Day.

Grandma's Birthday

June 5

Ben's birthday

Ben turned 6 on June 13.

(Above) One of Ben's big gifts this year was a plane ride in a Cessna.
That was sort of a shared gift with Daddy, whose birthday is also in June!

(Below right) Ben also got a toy to make big bear tracks on our driveway!


For Chris, birthday parties are all about the cake!



We continued Ben's birthday celebration the next afternoon, at Arnold's Family Fun Center,
where the boys went go-karting with their friend Lindsay.


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