Soccer and Spelling

April 14-19, 2008

It's been a busy week...

The boys started soccer today (playing it for the first time ever):

(Above) It's four against one, but five-year-olds are fearless.

Yesterday, Ben got an award at school for excellence in Spelling:

Here is one of his recent spelling tests.
We practice these words at home each night during the week, and then he gets tested on Fridays.

Here's some earlier schoolwork which Ben brought home, when they were learning about Martin Luther King:

Finally, on Monday evening, Chris had a little mishap on his scooter, and tumbled onto the driveway.
Marsha and Chris spent 8 hours in the ER at Children's Hospital, but in the end he's going to be fine.
This picture was taken Thursday morning (2½ days later).

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