Sledding, Skating, and Skiing

January - February, 2009


After the first snowfall of the year, the boys, Daddy, and babysitter Ryan went out to a neighbor's yard for some fun in the snow.


Chris had a blast getting pulled around in the snow by Ryan!


Later in the season, we got a chance to sled again, in Valley Forge National Park.


Daddy, Ben, and Chris tried all fitting on one sled (with Chris holding onto Ben's feet)

...but that turned out not to work so well!


This video shows Ben ice skating on three different days.
If you have a high-speed Internet connection, click on the image to watch the video. (5½ minutes, 33 Mbytes)

Later in February, Ben finally learned to skate without a walker!


Ben took to the ski slopes for only the second time in his life. The first time was last year, and he
needed lots of assistance. This year, with the help of a private lesson, he learned to ski on his own in just one day!

At first, he held on tight to the instructor,

...but he quickly got the hang of it!


This video is a compilation of 30-second clips I shot with my old still camera.
Click on the image to view the video. (2½ minutes, 14 Mbytes)

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